Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Holla - it's been a while

I haven't posted for a while due to not having time to sit down long enough, and sometimes it's easier to just post a video on YouTube.

I've begun to get into a routine with my hair and have found the products that it likes and I'm going to stick with them, I tried a new product reluctantly last week and my hair didn't respond well probably because it had parabens in it (I know shock horror!). It was TIGI Bedhead Moisture Maniac, people rave about it on YouTube, but my hair doesn't like it.

Another mishap this week, and another thing my hair doesn't like INDIAN POWDERS, I tried them my hair smelled like curry and it messed up my curl pattern I was sooooooooo unimpressed.

So okay the products I use and my hair likes, and are currently my staples are:
Garnier Fructis Repair and Shine Conditioner (I want to try sleek and shine too)
Faith in Nature Conditioners
Oyin Whipped Pudding (which I have now finished :( but will create my own)
Giovanni Smooth as Silk Conditioner
Giovanni Direct Leave in Conditioner
Dr Bronners Castile Soap
Water and vegetable glycerine
Natural oils (to many to mention but my hair loves Avocado Oil)
My own homemade hair gel and moisture cream
Afro Shampoo Bar - By Shea Butter Cottage
Aubrey Organics White Camellia Ultra-Smooth Conditioner

So that's all I'm using for now as well as experimenting with making my own conditioners and deep conditioners, but my hair gel is the only one so far that I'm really happy with.