Thursday, 28 October 2010

Dr. Organic @ Holland & Barrett

Was out with my Mum the other day and she dragged me in to Holland & Barrett, and I ended up buying some hair conditioner, I'm not usually one to impulse buy, but the display looked so inviting, yeah I'm weak. Anyhow the display was of a new brand on the scene Dr. Organic, they make skin care and hair care products. The conditioners that I looked at were Aloe Vera, Manuka Honey, Lavender, Vitamin E and Pomegranate, they also do Green Tea. I chose to purchase the Vitamin E conditioner, because it said it was moisturising, it cost £5.25 for 250ml, which I think is a fair price, and at the moment Holland Barrett are offering buy one get one half price on anything in store. It has a slight fragrance to it and is a thick consistency, I haven't tried it yet, I just wanted to share, but I'll be sure to do a review when I do try it.

What the website says:
A nourishing conditioner suitable for all hair types formulated with Organic Vitamin E, Aloe Vera, Shea butter, Hydrolyzed milk protein, Panthenol and Sunflower oil. A deeply soothing and effective conditioner formulated to lock in moisture, which restores natural condition by penetrating and coating the hair’s external fibres and cellular keratin matrix, promoting rehydration and restoring the hair into beautiful and manageable condition. See picture below, he colour isn't right my conditioner is rich golden colour.

Garnier Fructis £1 @ ASDA

I went grocery shopping yesterday and picked up some Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine for £1


...or rather lack of it, not sure if I spoke about this before but it's my blog so I write what I want. Feeling a little frustrated I sat down this morning and worked out that I have 7 products that I want to market. The problem is having the finance to get the business off the ground. At the moment costs include; safety assessments and challenge testing at £180 per product! Then having to pay for labels, each jar needing 2 labels each, and then actually paying for the jars to put the product in AND having enough stock of the ingredients to have enough of each product to actually start selling. So it's seeming like I need to win the lottery or have a very generous friend to get this project off the ground. *sad face*. Hopefully by next year I'll be able to market at least one product from my potential range. All the products I'm creating are for styling a maintenance I only created one deep conditioner. Reason being I'm happy using Shea Butter Cottage shampoo bars, Giovanni conditioners and Garnier Fructis conditioners.

Monday, 18 October 2010

Hair Journal

Can I remind anyone reading this record is more for me to remember what I do rather then me giving advice, so apologises for any vagueness, but I do welcome questions or comments.

This weekend I did a deep treatment I'm going to do this every week, I used a hot oil mixture on my hair and layered on top of this my own deep treatment mix, I put a plastic bag on my head, and then sat under a heat cap for 1 hour. I washed it off using Afro Shampoo Bar from Shea Butter Cottage (I always use this to shampoo in my hair, and would only use Shea Butter products to shampoo my hair), I then detangled using Giovanni Smooth as Silk. I detangled my hair in 4 sections using my brand new Denman D4 brush which I purchased from Boots and I'm in love with it, and yes, I know, some of you may be thinking I'm a bit late, but I just didn't believe the hype, (although I did have a D14 when I had  TWA), I thought I'd try it because I felt that my detangling comb was causing too much stress to my hair.

After detangling I rinsed my hair undoing one section, rinsing tying that section back up and moving on to the next. Just to digress a little, I don't believe there is anything such as a 'snag free' hair band my hair still snags on those supposedly 'snag free' hair bands, so I'll have to invest in some large hair grips. So any way rinsed my hair then sprayed with a watered down leave in (Giovanni Direct Leave-in and a decotion of marshmallow and comfrey root). I then sealed in moisture using a mix of oils, and layered on top my own moisture cream.

My mum canerowed the front of my hair using Twisted Mango Custard and I 2 strand twisted the back. My intention was to have a twist out this didn't work too well so I pulled it back, then that in the week fro'ed it out.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Hair Journal

I've decided that its time that I try my best to keep a hair journal, mainly because there are times when I love my hair and it feels really moisturised and soft, and there are other times when it's dry and I think WHAT DID I DO?! It can be hard for me to remember because I do make my own products and sometimes I use remnants of something that just happens to be left in the bathroom and  forget what's in it. I have now got to the stage in my kitchen experiments where I have been able to recreate a handful of products with great success. So now I want to start using them on a regular basis so that I can see how good my creations really are. This is probably an apt time for me to start doing this as my camera was stolen and I can't make any YouTube videos at the moment.

So last week every morning my hair only took 5 minutes to do! Let me tell you what I did. Wash day: I used a Bentonite Deep treatment mask, this was mixed up the week before but I had some left over so I mixed in some preservative so it would last and it worked great. I then mixed a marshmallow and comfrey decotion with Giovanni leave in conditioner in a spray bottle and used that to detangle, I then sealed my ends with a mixture of natural oils and used a new product that I'm working on (it hasn't got a name yet), it's a mixture of butters and conditioner and helps to soften and moisturise the hair. I then used my favourite creation so far Sea Curls, a curl defining gel that I've created. Then every morning after I sprayed with water shook my hair and I was out the door. I didn't touch a single hair on my head until next wash day, and when I did I couldn't believe how moisturised and soft my hair felt.