Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Hair News #1

I have dreams of being a hair aficionado, knowing all there is to know about hair and giving outs lots of advice on how to care for it and maintain it, but not really sure how long that’s going to take! So instead I thought that I would share with you on a regular basis articles and hair blogs that I come across. I love surfing the net looking for new ingredients and finding out what others are saying about hair or doing with their hair.

I could find this stuff and claim that it’s mine, but I’m not like that let’s give credit where credit’s due. So what have I come across this week?

Love this blog, I came across it while on my iPad, why mention this? Because it was in a totaly different format compared to on my PC, and that is what attracted me. Nadia comes across as gunially interested in her hair and I wanted  read evwrthing se had bee doing with her hair, I would say that I would love my blog to be like hers but I don't seem to have the time to keep it updated. Definaltey check this blog out!

Many of you have probably already heard of her, I read her book ages ago, but what you may not know os that of you sign up to her website you'll get regular USEFUL emails about hair, looking after it, and maintaining it. For example read below for one of the emails I gt this month:

Five Ways to Get Water into Your Hair
I am a big advocate of placing and keeping moisture, which is water, into the hair. In a worse case scenario, without water being present within the hair structure, you doom the hair to a shortened life span. In other scenarios, dry, thirsty hair tends to be dull and lacks shine. Since water is good for your hair, let's talk about some ways to get it there.

  1. Rinse Your Hair With Very Warm Water: The easiest way to get water in your hair is to saturate or rinse your hair with water. Warm water will penetrate hair faster than colder water. You don't want the water to be boiling hot!
  1. Steam Your Hair: Another way to infuse your hair with water is to steam your hair. There are four methods or ways you can steam your hair.
    1. Most Expensive- Purchase a hair steamer. These can run up to $200 US dollars or more. Steamers add a steady stream of warm, vaporized water to the hair. If you wet your hair first, then get under the steamer, it will keep your hair wet and warm. Sounds delicious!
    2. Expensive- Purchase a hair dryer. These can start around $45 US dollars. Dryers use hot air and no water or moisture. You can wet your hair and put a plastic cap over it and then sit under the dryer. Or you can wet towel under hot running water, or heat it up the wet towel in the microwave, put it on your wet hair and sit under the dryer. Don't burn or electrocute yourselves, please!
    3. Less Expensive- Purchase a heating cap. They can run about $20 US dollars when on sale. You wet your hair and put this on top.
    4. Not Expensive- Got get a towel that is not too large, wet it, put it in the microwave to warm it up, put it around your head and place a plastic bag around or over the towel
    5. Cheap- Wet hair and place plastic bag or shower cap on your hair. Leave on from 10 minutes to overnight.
  1. Use Water Based Moisturizer- Use a water based moisturizer in your hair. You can place on your hair during the week. You can also use this with a plastic cap.

  1. Use Hygroscopic Ingredients on Your Hair- Perform treatments on your hair by adding honey to your conditioner, amino acids or glycerin to your other products.
  1. Use Protective Styling- To help hold in the moisture longer. Keep the hair moist and protected.

Solange Knowles
I am loving this girl's hair, I thought that we she cut her hair off it was justa fad but she seems to be sticking with it, and looking good with it too! She says that she has grown 12" of hair in 2 years, GO GIRL!

Midlands (Birmingham) Natural Hair Meet up UK

If you are going to be in the Birmingham area on May 7th then you may want to attend. It's being organinsed by Lorien Hay at Where: Coffee Lounge, 10-11 Navigation Street, Birmingham B2 4BS, WM from 4pm - 7pm.

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Kulchicbeauty said...

Hi i just stumbled upon you website and read what you wrote about how to make herbal infusion it was really helpful and thanks for this post i have been contemplating on buying this book now that i've seen this i will definately buy it. i'm new to bloggin and youtube and i'm documenting my natural hair journey , i've been natural for 2 wekks now and i have been learning alot from the natural hair community. so thanks xx