Thursday, 28 July 2011

Finally a routine!

I haven’t posted in a looong while, and I really should be better at this blogging malarkey , but I just post when I think I’ve something worth writing about, and as for my ingredient a week that’s gone out the window, but also I don’t want to reveal too much about what’s in my products just yet!

Anyhow the reason I’m posting now is because I finally have a hair routine! This will be my 4th week of my 6 week cycle and I have noticed improvements in my hair. Before I reveal that, something that has drastically changed my hair and the amount I loose on wash day is NOT USING A COMB, BRUSH OR TANGLE TEEZER TO DETANGLE, yes I only finger detangle every week and comb detangle with my Hercules Comb once a month. I don’t get any fairy knots and tangles have drastically reduced. Also since gaining a bit of length I’m enjoying playing with my stretched hair, rather than putting twists in straight from washing, I now braid with a leave in, leave it to dry then the next day play with my hair.

So here is my 6 week routine

Comb detangle with conditioner, water and veg glycerine – braiding hair into sections - rinse
Leave hair in braids and was with Aubrey Organics GPBShampoo
Undo braids and apply Revive UK’s breakage treatment in sections using Ouchless bands - from Asda (I replace ayurvedic powders that she uses with 5tsp of Kalpi Tone, deep conditioner used Aubrey Organics GPB Conditioner) – leave for 30mins and rinse
Apply Giovanni Smooth as Silk braid hair and rinse

WEEK 2 & 5
Wash hair in sections using Afro Shampoo Bar
Apply Hibisculious Deep Conditioner (BeUNIQUE Hair Care) braid hair, leave for an hour and rinse

WEEK 3 & 6
Apply Avocado Glaze ((BeUNIQUE Hair Care) braid hair and steam
Condition with Tresemme Naturals

Bentonite Clay Mask
¼ cup conditioner
¼ of coconut milk
Up to 500ml of water (can be infused with herbs)
1tsp Jojoba Oil
1 tsp. Castor Oil

Other info

I use Shea Passion Milkshake (BeUNIQUE Hair Care) as a leave in and Mango Twist (BeUNIQUE Hair Care) to style. To moisturise daily I use a herbal infusion with brown algae extract and I also may use Nettle Tea Cream (BeUNIQUE Hair Care) to moisturise and soften the hair.

As you can see I’m trying to use my products on my hair on a regular basis to really see what the effects are.

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