Friday, 14 October 2011

Naturally Fabulous

Braaap, Braaaap, Braaaap! To Angel from The Natural Lounge for putting on a GREAT event on Saturday, I went home with a sense of euphoria after being in the presence of so many natural women and in the company of much positive vibes.

I was blessed enough to be part of a weekend long event involving Angel and Naptural Roots magazine, which meant that I was able to meet my ultimate hairspiration Mahogany Boisseau along with the founder of Naptural Roots Magazine LeAnne Dolce and spend the weekend in the company of some beautiful natural Nubian Queens.

The Naturally Fabulous event was great for those who wanted to network, to gain understanding and also encouragement with regard to their natural journey. There was such a positive energy about the whole event and something that really touched me and affected me was seeing Mumplus2 there with her daughter, why? You may ask, because after hearing Mahogany talk about the fact that she does what she does for the children, I realised that right then and there amongst positive Black female roles models was where Mumplus2’s daughter should have been. All little Black girls need to be at events such as The Naturally Fabulous event so that their ideas of beauty and are not always the weavalicious women that they see on MTV Base.

It was great to meet so many YouTube subbies and meet up with my fellow YouTube sisters. The amount of people asking me if I was selling my products at the event has made me realise I need to get my butt in gear and sort it out, and big a big shout out to Fusion of Cultures aka Laila-Jean for rocking her twists and telling everyone that asked that she used Mango Twist, I swear when she loaded her YouTube video I got about 30 new subbies! Of you got Mango Twist in your goody bag please email me and tell me what you think

The event also had a fashion show which I was a part of along with Shereen Corbin, Michelle Doyle, TheNaprika Stacey, Ero aka Natureal Rox and one more lady (whose name I shall include when I remember or when someone prompts me).  I have to say we all rocked the runway wearing outfits and jewellery by Yorubatik and Blackamoor Clothing. A big shout out to Melissa  and Huguette of Bespoke Hairstyles who did my hair and all the models hair for the day.

I really didn't take enough pictures so I've borrowed a few (Thanks Crystal Afro x) and hope you enjoy the video!


Neffyfrofro said...

Great review!! B

Crystal Afro (on google) said...

Great Review, glad you filmed Mahogany cos I think a lot of people can watch that back and be re-inspired. Cant wait to try the Mango Twist, will definitely email you when I have. Crystal xx

Anonymous said...


I'm patiently waiting for your products to go on sale. If you're looking for a tester, feel free to contact me. LOL. I'll be more than happy to try some of them. My email is