Friday, 6 August 2010

The 'Fro'

Here are some pictures of me rocking an afro, my intention was to do a braid out, so I did do my hair in small plaits using Twisted Mango Custard, but when I let them out the definition gave way to frizz. I think I did them too small, so I played with it sprayed on some Coconut Cocktail - this softened the hair - and viola a beautiful afro, my hair had so much volume! My other reason for rocking a 'fro was because I had to dress up as superhero for a school event, and I decided to investigate what Black female superheros existed, and I found a woman called Misty Knight who sports a really big afro, and has an amazing figure. Check out the pictures.


Angel said...

hair looks great I love it.

Candace said...

You look awesome! I love it.