Wednesday, 18 August 2010

"Put down the Eco Styler!" - Dangerous Ingredient

I'm doing my public service bit and have come to inform you all about an ingredient called TRIETHANOLAMINE. You'll find this mostly used in hair gels and it's used in Eco Styler and African Essence (I'm sorry to say when desparate I still use my African Essence). Please read extract below taken from (

"Another Emulsifier to avoid is Triethanolamine. It is produced within the petroleum industry and has been used for several decades (and continues to be used) within the cosmetics industry to support emulsification. This chemical is severely irritating for the eyes and skin. It penetrates the skin and can cause liver damage. In addition to this, when combined with nitrate ions - normally found in drinking water and many meat products - it produces a carcinogenic substance, Nitrosamine. It should never be used in Skin Care products but is regrettably, common in the UK."

Click here for detailed break down, and you can look up other ingredients too!


Anonymous said...

Please find more accurate information here and stop fear-mongering

Anonymous said...

Reviewing the information on for Triethanolamine made me more concerned!! There are certifications for organic products, but any old thing can be called 'natural' - it's not regulated. Guess what, you can use regular conditioner as gel too. Gel doesn't keep my kinky-kurly hair smooth, but glopping on conditioner followed by a satiny scarf smoothes it down. Can be done on shampooed or dry hair (try misting w/water).