Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Hair Journal

I've decided that its time that I try my best to keep a hair journal, mainly because there are times when I love my hair and it feels really moisturised and soft, and there are other times when it's dry and I think WHAT DID I DO?! It can be hard for me to remember because I do make my own products and sometimes I use remnants of something that just happens to be left in the bathroom and  forget what's in it. I have now got to the stage in my kitchen experiments where I have been able to recreate a handful of products with great success. So now I want to start using them on a regular basis so that I can see how good my creations really are. This is probably an apt time for me to start doing this as my camera was stolen and I can't make any YouTube videos at the moment.

So last week every morning my hair only took 5 minutes to do! Let me tell you what I did. Wash day: I used a Bentonite Deep treatment mask, this was mixed up the week before but I had some left over so I mixed in some preservative so it would last and it worked great. I then mixed a marshmallow and comfrey decotion with Giovanni leave in conditioner in a spray bottle and used that to detangle, I then sealed my ends with a mixture of natural oils and used a new product that I'm working on (it hasn't got a name yet), it's a mixture of butters and conditioner and helps to soften and moisturise the hair. I then used my favourite creation so far Sea Curls, a curl defining gel that I've created. Then every morning after I sprayed with water shook my hair and I was out the door. I didn't touch a single hair on my head until next wash day, and when I did I couldn't believe how moisturised and soft my hair felt.

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Anonymous said...

Your sharing your hair journey helps me with my own. I really appreciate your advice and videos. You and your honey look goregous and your hair and the accessories are beautiful.