Friday, 30 March 2012

Your hair's what you eat

So I'm about to start this Curls of Joy Challenge (it starts on Sunday) and really it's a challenge to help me keep self motivated in looking after my hair. Today I was thinking about the challenge, and I want to trim my ends and design one of those 'growth' t-shirts so I can see if my hair is growing or not, but once it's trimmed I want to gain back that length and then some. I've always been a believer that it's not just what goes on your hair that matters it's also what goes in your body, but really? Have I paid attention to that mantra? I think not! But this challenge is going to help me do that, also the fact that both hubby and I are trying to eat healthier is going to make this a little easier (after almost 6 years of living with each other I can finally put veg on his plate and he eats it! Praise Jesus! lol).

So anyway I came across HairCrush on YouTube, O MY GOSH! I WANT HER HAIR! NO! let me rephrase that I WANT HER LENGTH!

In this video she's talking about her diet, and it got me thinking I really need to sort out my diet, I'm even tempted to go to my Mum's for some wheat grass shots (but only slightly!). After watching the video I decided to find out what foods are good for hair health. Below you'll find a list and comments on whether I'm going to try the food or not.

This list I sourced from Boots Web MD

When it comes to foods that pack a beauty punch, it’s hard to beat salmon. Loaded with omega-3 fatty acids, this high-quality protein source is also filled with vitamin B-12 and iron. “Essential omega-3 fatty acids are needed to support scalp health,” says dietitian Andrea Giancoli. Studies suggest a deficiency can result in a dry scalp and thus hair, giving it a dull look.

I like Salmon, not sure how regular I could eat it because it's an expensive fish but I'm sure I can eat other fish, and I will need to as I'm going to try and cut red meat out of my diet

Dark Green Veg
Popeye the Sailor Man didn’t eat all that spinach for healthy hair, but he could have. Spinach, like broccoli and Swiss chard, is an excellent source of vitamins A and C, which your body needs to produce sebum. The oily substance, secreted by your hair follicles, is the body’s natural hair conditioner.

I LOVE BROCCOLI it's my favourite veg, nuff said.

Legumes like kidney beans and lentils should be an important part of your hair-care diet. Not only do they provide plentiful protein to promote hair growth, but also ample iron, zinc and biotin. While rare, some small studies show biotin deficiencies can result in brittle hair.

Hmmmm, not sure 'bout this one. I like beans but I don't cook with them often apart from putting some pigeon peas in rice. I love mung beans but I forget to soak them over night so then I don't eat them. Then there's my Nigerian Mother in laws black eyed beans now they're nice. So now I think about it I do have options.

Brazil nuts are one of nature’s best sources of selenium, which some studies show is an important mineral for the health of your scalp.Walnuts contain alpha-linolenic acid, an omega-3 fatty acid that may help condition your hair. They are also a terrific source of zinc, as are cashews, pecans and almonds. A zinc deficiency can lead to hair shedding, so make sure nuts are a regular on your healthy hair menu.

I'm going to have to say no to this one, these are definitely too expensive.

Chickens and turkeys may have feathers, but the high-quality protein they provide will help give you the healthy hair you crave. “Without adequate protein or with low-quality protein, one can experience weak brittle hair, while a profound protein deficiency can result in loss of hair colour,” Giancoli tells us.


When it comes to healthy hair, it doesn't matter whether you like your eggs scrambled, fried or poached. However they're served, eggs are one of the best protein sources you can find. They also contain biotin and vitamin B-12.

This is easy too, but perhaps I can set myself a challenge of finding different ways of cooking eggs

Whole Grains 
Sink your teeth into hearty whole grains, including wholegrain bread and fortified wholegrain breakfast cereals, for a hair-healthy dose of zinc, iron and B vitamins. A wholegrain snack can also be a great option when your energy is zapped halfway through the afternoon and you've still got hours to go before dinner.

We eat brown rice in my house, wholemeal spaghetti and seeded brown bread, and I have porridge oats with Honey and linseeds EVERY morning.

Oysters may be better known for their reputation as an aphrodisiac, but they can also lead to healthy hair - and who doesn't love that? The key to their love- and hair-boosting abilities is zinc - a powerful antioxidant.
If oysters don't make a regular appearance on your dinner plate, don't despair. In addition to getting it from whole grains and nuts, you can also get zinc from beef and lamb, or if you’re a vegetarian from pumpkin seeds and chickpeas.

Um, na, tried these for a Valentines dinner years ago, they're a bloody pain to cook. I don't like pumpkin seeds for the simple fact they get stuck in my teeth, I do like me some chickpeas, especially in curry. Ah, a good Trini curry - Chicken, chana, and dhal made with lentils, that's a good meal for the hair and my favourite dish!

Low-fate diary products
Low-fat dairy products like skimmed milk and yoghurt are great sources of calcium, an important mineral for hair growth. They also contain whey and casein, two high-quality protein sources. For some healthy hair foods on the go, try adding a yoghurt or cottage cheese cup to your bag when you head out in the morning to snack on later in the day. You can even boost their hair benefits by stirring in a couple of tablespoons of ground flaxseeds or walnuts for omega-3 fatty acids and zinc.

My diet doesn't consist of much dairy, I don't drink milk (I make my oats with water), I do eat cheese no sure how low fat it is, and actually I'm quite partial to some natural yoghurt over fruit.

Carrots are an excellent source of vitamin A, which promotes a healthy scalp along with good vision.
Since a healthy scalp is essential for a shiny, well-conditioned head of hair, you’d be wise to include carrots in your diet as snacks or toppings on your salad.

This with be easy to incorporate into a salad which we usually have with every meal. Also need to be organic.

Now I know some smarty pants is going to say WATER, YOU NEED TO DRINK WATER, and I'm going to try, BUT only because I'm doing a little test. Personally I don't believe the hype about drinking a certain amount of water a day. For as long as I can remember I have had a limited daily fluid intake, and when I say limited I mean 1 glass a day. I have no health issues, my hair grows, is not dry, I have nails that grow long, strong and healthy, I don't have problem skin and I go to the toilet like clock work, in fact it we're talking number ones I go more often than someone who does drink a lot in a day. I think my body is used to me not drinking a lot, and the only thing that scares me about drinking more is HOW MUCH MORE I'M GOING TO NEED THE TOILET! Being a teacher toilet breaks have to scheduled lol! I don't heart water :(

Any hoo hope you enjoyed reading and ask your self, 'What does my hair say about my diet?' 

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