Sunday, 13 December 2009

Going cone free! Week 1

I've decided that I'm going to go cone free, right now I've bee cone free since Monday 7th December. Why have I made this decision you may ask? My main reason for this is because my hair is seriously lacking moisture and I believe that cones in products that I have using are stopping moisture getting to my hair. When I go to bed I tie my hair with a satin scarf thinking that that is all my hair requires to make sure that it doesn't go dry. I've been so wrong! Every morning I've been waking up and my hair has been so dry, like straw y'all and I've had enough.

So last Monday I shampooed my hair with my favourite shampoo Dr Bronners, I wanted to make sure that all cones were washed out. Once I rinsed I then sprayed my hair with my water, veggie glycerin and oil mix (rosemary and peppermint), then I used Giovanni Smooth as Silk Deep Moisture Conditioner as a leave in, I was staying at home so I didn't apply any styling products.

The next morning I sprayed my hair with H20 & veggie glycerin and again used the Giovanni Smooth and Silk, then I used my Eco Styler gel, in the evening I did the same with out the Eco Styler. I did this every day until Saturday morning, I felt that putting in conditioner every morning and evening was necessary to put the moisture back into my hair.

My hair does feel softer and more moisturised, and the no cone method is working.

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