Thursday, 24 December 2009

The week I declared war on my hair!

If I haven't mentioned it before I am a school teacher, and therefore I don't have enough time or the inclination to wory too much about my hair in the mornings. Now that Christmas holidays have begun I've decided that it's time to see what I can do with my hair and to try and go gel free.

I'm trying to go cold turkey and not use any gel and see what else I can use to define my curls. The link with the gel is that #1 I can't get Eco Olive Oil in the UK, #2 Eco Clear is a little drying and #3 gel just increases shrinkage and my hair has less body.

So what have I done this week:

  1. I've co-washed Faith in Nature's Jojoba Conditioner, and then just added Jojoba Oil and let my hair dry - this made my hair soft and when I rinse with cold water my curl pattern holds better, but the next day I had to co-wash again to revive the curl.
  2. I blow dried my hair (first time since 2nd BC in August!), I liked it but heat = damage in the long run, so then I put African Essence gel on the dry hair and used a bristle brush in a circular motion all over my head to make the curls pop. It looked good but the gel is very drying.
  3. I co-washed with Faith in Nature Jojoba Conditioner, put in Giovanni Smooth as Silk wrap head with cling film, put my head scraf on and went to bed. In the morning rinsed out with cold water last, then put in jojba oil, sprayed with Naturally Sexy Moisturising Spray , and then put on Naturally Sexy Styling Cream added a little cold water and added Oyin Shine and Define. I then used the bristle brush in a circular motion all over head, the longer you do it the more defined the curls they end up looking like finger curls. I liked this best will have to see what it looks like with 2nd day hair.

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Anonymous said...

I wonder if my hair isn't too long to try rubbing a boar bristle brush in a circular motion on my head to get some curls to show.